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About Pet Empire

In the world of Pet Empire, cats and dogs have always been at odds. The dogs, led by their fearless leader Max, were always ready for a good fight. The cats, on the other hand, preferred to keep to themselves and let their sharp claws do the talking. But everything changed when a group of dogs led by Max decided to invade the cats' territory in search of new breeding grounds. The cats, led by their fierce leader Luna, were not about to let this happen without a fight. And so, the Great Pet Showdown began.

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Feed - Race - Earn

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Players need to buy the random NFTs at least one Box

Ramdom result from Pet Empire box can be cat or dog.

Assign your cat or dog into incubator house

There are 5 rooms in the incubator house. You can assign your pets into each room and be ready to earn the Happy Coin (HPC)

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Feed and clean your pet

Feed and clean your pet every 3 hours

Earn Happy Coin from your incubation.

Bring the Happy Coins to spend on others activities: item purchasing, healing, or swap for Pet Empire tokens.

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Prepare and get your pet ready for the battle.

Spend the Happy Coin for the next battle after the incubations.

Explore the Pet Empire Stuffs

Collect 300+ nfts that are tradable in atomichub Market

Explore NFT Collection


Q4 - 2022

Phase 1

End of Dec 2022 - Feb 2023

  • Atomic Verification
  • Launch gameplay mode
  • Initial player game machanic testing of NFT GAME
  • Player feedback and bug reporting
  • Acquisition of first Pet
  • Lauch of incubation NFT and Token
  • Game Token ($PME)
  • NFT Staking to begin accumulation of PET Token ($PME)
  • On Discord: Voice chat for Pet Trainer Communities
  • Purchase NFTs through packs or marketplace

Q1 - 2023

Phase 2

End of March 2023

  • Mining of $PME from PET + Lands+ Mission + probability to recevie NFT
  • Componet blending V1
  • Pet Equipment Sale (Costumes & weapons)
  • Sale of NFT Pack Phase 2 (new generation of Pet)
  • In-game PETEmpire Marketplace V1
  • Purchase of additional Pet Empire for New Players

Q2 2023 - Q3 2023

Phase 3

Approx. Q2 2023 - Q3 2023

  • Sale of NFT Pack Phase 3
  • Weekly Chest (quest) feature and additional daliy quest
  • Wallet-in Game
  • Open new Area
  • Battel mode, Single Mode, Duo Mode

How to play